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take time out of your busy schedule to focus on you. you are important. you are worthy of your own time. your body is precious. your mind id your home and your spirit is your force. choose today to make yoga part of you.
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in person practise

find the class that is right for you.
all welcome
whether an early bird, night owl, a busy bee or a chilling bean...
yoga is for everyone.

hatha yoga course

a six week course
level 1 / beginners

 Whether you have never practiced Yoga before or you have practiced  in the past and you are looking for a gentle journey back in,  then this  6 week course is designed to help you.

 All you need is curiosity and a willing heart to give it a try- this is the first step of your journey, the rest will happen through the  kind  nurturing guidance of Yoga. 

private practise

if you would prefer a private yoga practice in the comfort of your own home or in a studio space, all to yourself, with your practice tailored personally to you

Contact Alice


The act of moving back or withdrawing

To retreat is not to escape but withdraw. 

Withdrawing from the business of life.

Withdrawing from stress and fatigue.

Withdrawing from expectations.

Withdrawing from the social ladder.

All to come by yourself and be still. To rest and restore. To connect with yourself and whatever you may believe in.


Join one of our Self-Care Retreats or plan one with us.

Whether with a group of friends and family, a staff group or organisation, we can provide you with a time of restoration through your own unique tailored self-care retreat package.

Sign up to one of our retreats

contact us to book a wellness retreat for a group or workplace
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